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BodyForm - Vacuum suction and Rolls massage for treatments against face & body blemishes.

Blue EnergyVacuum suction and Rolls massage for treatments against face & body blemishes.

Bodyform is equipped with different applicators that allow to carry out both effective face and body treatments. Big applicators, thanks to combined action of rolls and vacuum suction, allow to make an effective lymphatic drainage. Same handpieces can result very helpful for operator in addition or in substitution to manual massage whereas white cuppling glasses are more useful to effect specific face treatments.

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Vivac: Vibration and Vacuum

VivacVibration & Vacuum technology for treatments against localized fat and signs caused by cellulite.



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Blue Energy: radiofrequency and endodermal massage for revascularisation

Blue EnergyRadiofrequency and pulsed vacuum action massage just with a single handpiece for quicker and more effective rejuvenation treatments.

Blue Energy is a complete device which has been specifically studied in order to effect combined treatments by using two systems widely known: radiofrequency and endermology massage performed with a pulsed vacuum action.

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Beauty Cav Duo: low frequency ultrasound device to eliminate fat and cellulite

Beauty Cav DuoThanks to its exclusive low frequency ultrasound technology, it enables the elimination of about 3-4 cm of fat at each session without overheating.

Beauty Cav Duo is based on low frequency ultrasound technology, a noninvasive technique that does not pose the disadvantages of surgical liposuction, focusing on the most difficult zones (abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks and hips).

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Blue Press: sequential press draining massage for circulation

Blues PressSequential press draining massage with bootlegs and 8 indipendent sectors: safe, quick and equipped with an innovative and practical system for hooking and unhooking the pipes.

Blue Press is a device for sequential press draining massage with 8 indipendent sectors.

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