Technical Features


* Supply voltage: 230 Vca 50/60 Hz
* Maximum absorbed power: 800 W
* Generator: Pulsed lamp with indication on display of remaining use (in %, approximate value depending on different factors)
* Cooling system: Water intercooler
* Spot size: About 7 cm2
* Energy emission setup: variable from 4,3 J/cm2 a 11,6 J/cm2 for depilation, from 1,5 J/cm2 to 6,0 J/cm2 for photomassage
* Emission mode: single, burst X2, burst x3
* Impulse lenght: from 2 to 30 msec.
* Recharging time: variable from 1,2 to 2,5 sec. for depilation, from 1,0 to 1,4 sec. for photomassage
* Visualization of parameters: Display LCD
* Countershots (Partial per session and total) visualized on LCD display
* Levels’ number: 10 for depilation, 8 for photomassage
* Dimensions: 65x36x19 cm
* Weight: 18 Kgs
* Average life of lamp: 80.000 - 100.000 Flashes
* Optional: Optical prism, 520-600-650 nm cut-off filters

(Only for sales outside Italy)

Scarica la scheda del prodottoDownload the thecnical sheet

Water Light IPL System: pulsed light technology for depilation

Plain and easy controls, and quick working time thanks to fast recharging time.

Water Light IPL System is an IPL device with water cooling system equipped with LCD display.

By selecting one level between 10 available for depilation and 8 for photomassage, it automatically indicates the corresponding energy output in J/cm2.

Moreover it allows to choose between 3 different energy emission modes: single, burst X2, burst X3. Working times, variable in accordance of chosen level, are very fast as you can see on the right here.

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