Technical Features

General technical characteristics:

* Code: 05958
* Trade name: OXY SHINE & RF SYSTEM
* Secondary circuit feeding tension: 14,5-15.5 V
* Feeding: 230 V 50-60 Hz
* Microprocessor-based control
* Maximum absorbed power: 600 W
* Source IR: 880 nm (infrared)
* Electrical fuses: n. 2 x 3,5 AT
* Emission mode: steady and impulsed-based
* Emission intensity IR: 600 mW/sr
* Emission angle IR: 12°
* Monochromatic LCD display 125x70 mm
* Oxygen flow: 0,0-5 l/min
* Concentrated oxygen purity: 94%-96%
* Outbound oxygen pressure: 0,02-0,06 mPa
* Counters: total device life and partial for each treatment
* Oxygen purity control alarm
* Weight: 45 kg ca.
* Dimensions: 90 x 46 x38 cm.

Supplied additional items:

* N.2 cylindrical applicators available in two different sizes, equipped with a central nozzle for concentrated oxygen emission, constantly inserted and selectable from menu
* N. 2 RF applicators available in different sizes: 40 mm diameter (face) and 60 mm diameter (body)
* N. 1 bidirectional airbrush with serum gravity feed. 

Radiofrequency technical features:

* Treatment minutes counter
* Number of selectable output tuning levels: 9
* Working frequency: 1,3 Mhz
* Overload protection
* Total electrical insulation between the device and the patient
* Maximum absorbed power by radio-frequency amplifier: 50 W.

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Oxyshine RF System: led light and oxygen

Oxyshine RF SystemLED light and concentrated oxygen combined device for face and body treatments

Oxyshine, 100% made in Italy, is a device combining the beneficial effects of red and infrared LED light with the innovative technology based on concentrated oxygen.


The cosmetic line Oxyshine O2 Carrier with Ozonides complements the effects of this device, as it has been conceived specifically to this aim.

These molecules, developed by a team of researchers, can convey oxygen, as well as products active ingredients, well into the skin deepest layers, fuelling a range of chemical reactions regenerating skin cells and allowing for their self-repair. Oxyshine O2 Carrier stems from a new technology that for the first time ever has made it possible to stabilize oxygen and fix it in cosmetic formulas.
Ozonides are therefore instrumental in increasing treatment speed and efficiency, improving a wide range of treatments both for face and body thanks to their action which gives the skin purity and brightness, while RF takes effect at a deeper level.

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