Technical Features


* Supply voltage: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
* Size: 65x36x19 cm
* Weight: 13 kg.
* Total absorbed power: 180 VA
* Control by microprocessor
* LCD Display 125x70 mm
* 20 programs for boots legs
* 10 programs for bracelets
* 20 user customized programs

Device manufactured in accordance with current regulations.

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Blue Press: sequential press draining massage for circulation

Blues PressSequential press draining massage with bootlegs and 8 indipendent sectors: safe, quick and equipped with an innovative and practical system for hooking and unhooking the pipes.

Blue Press is a device for sequential press draining massage with 8 indipendent sectors.

It applies an effective draining massage which allows to improve lymphatic and/or blood circulation whose slowing down is the main reason of painful sensations as swellings and cellulitis above all regarding the lower limbs.

Blue Press is equipped with an innovative system of hooking-unhooking of the pipes which allows to easily and quickly manage the bootleg. Blue Press is supplied with the new 8 independent sectors boot leg made up in this way:

  • 2 detachable ankle boots with independent sectors, adjustable through a velcro fastening
  • 2 bootslegs with 4-5 independent sectors and adjustable through a velcro fastening
  • 1 band with independent sectors for treatment of hips and buttocks
  • 2 inguinal pressors
  • (optional) 2 bracelets for the lymphatic drainage treatment of the upper limbs and each one inclusive of 4 independent sectors and adjustable through a velcro fastening. At last, the equipment is inclusive of a convenient pouch for collecting pipes and applications parts.
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